Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBO, DataPump and Xeon with HT
Author Marco Lauria
At 11:06 11/09/2003 -0300, you wrote:
>This doesn't surprise me, the thread scheduler was improved in FB 1.5,
>but still not ready for HT.
> > The code with no HT Enabled runs really faster.
>That is expected. I think it's in the release notes. You probably
>would have better performance using Classic Server.
> > I used CPU Affinity to set first CPU 0 and after CPU 1 and from the Task
> > Manager I can see
> > that the FB process has the right affinity (I dunno threads but AFAIK
> > child-threads should use the same affinity as the main
> > thread).
>If not mistaken, Windows XP operates differently with HT CPUs than
>with Windows 2000. So, the CPU affinity might not work as expected.
> > P.S. I don't understand if this is related to IBO or to FB so I am
> > cross-posting on both ibobjects and firebird-support
> > lists.
>It's FB related.

I did another test,
I run the datapump process from a pc over the network
using the Xeon Hyperthreaded PCs as a server
and everything runs smoothlessy
so I am really really confused....
if it's a FB related problem the problem should persist even if my software
is running over the network isn't it?
Also if CPU_AFFINITY doesn't work on single Xeons with HT Enabled
this should be mentioned in release notes....
Also I spoke with Geoff Worboys the creator of DBAK Components
and he has no problems at all with a Dual Xeon with HT Enabled using CPU
P.S. our suspect is that the problem appears only with Single Xeons with HT
turned on....
is here someone with a similar configuration that can test this?