Subject IBO, DataPump and Xeon with HT
Author Marco Lauria
Hello I encountered a strange problem
under my new machine a Xeon 2.8 with HT Enabled.
I run the tests with FB 1.03 and FB 1.5 RC4 under Windows XP with latest
Service Pack and latest Fixes.
Everything works well when I use my application written using IBO
but when I use the DataPump function,
everything hangs up and it transfer data at 6 records per second using FB
1.03 and 25 records per seconds using FB 1.5.
The code with no HT Enabled runs really faster.
I used CPU Affinity to set first CPU 0 and after CPU 1 and from the Task
Manager I can see
that the FB process has the right affinity (I dunno threads but AFAIK
child-threads should use the same affinity as the main
I'd like to know if someone else has this problem....
Note that If I run exports, imports everything goes well, the problem came
only when I use Datapump with two different
Thanks in advance
P.S. I don't understand if this is related to IBO or to FB so I am
cross-posting on both ibobjects and firebird-support