Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fire Bird slows up with use.
Author Milan Babuskov
> We are using Firebird Ver and have purchased IB Manager
> to manage the tables. We have firebird running on XP Pro box.The PHP
> application uses an ODBC driver to connect to the data base.
> We have a PHP application accessing the data base running on Apache running
> on a XP box.

First see it there are transactions left open. You can also look at
processes and see if you have multiple PHPs still doing something with
database, and you can check number of database connections from FB side.
Are you using persistent connections do database? If yes, heva you tried
without it?

BTW, Why ODBC? Do you know that you can use native InterBase driver
(which is tested and proven to work well) ?

Milan Babuskov