Subject Re: [firebird-support] Dedicated Servers
Author Milan Babuskov
Roger Pullen wrote:
> Hi all - We have a W2K server with 2 IB databases
> on it. Total users about 25 and they are hitting
> it hard with loads of reports etc.
> (Original IB6 Interbase, IB Objects)
> This server is dedicated to these 2 db's
> but I feel they should have their own server
> now as performance is deteriorating.

I have a similar situation like you, but I resolved it somewhat
differently. The first server is a production server (all users have it
and use all databases). The other server is for reports only.

During the night, the backups of production databases are copied to
"report server" and restored. (Also at the end of batch, some additional
indexes on tables are activated, and some frequently used data are
already summed, etc). On that other server I installed Classic Server,
so it doesn't hang when one user asks for some enormous report.

There are, of course, some reports that cannot be a day old, so I still
use the production server for those.

Milan Babuskov