Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 server setup
Author Olivier Mascia
Hello Riaan,

Thursday, August 14, 2003, 1:42:50 PM, you wrote:

RN> Firstly, when using the new -login switch in instsvc I had quite a
RN> few problems:

RN> * Windows NT Error 997 (I believe that means "Overlapped IO
RN> operation in progress.") when I try to start or stop the server
RN> (even when I try to stop the server when it's already stopped...)

This has been fixed for next RC. Just bad reporting of the real error.
In this case, this means that the user account you specified in -login
does not have the "Log on as a Service" right in Windows. This right
has to be granted to the user first. This 'instsvc' version does not
automatically grant the system right to the user. You can install your
service without -login, then use the Windows services applet to define
the login. That system applet will automatically grant the required
right. With next RC, instsvc will do too.

RN> * Then, at other times, "instsvc start" would just hang
RN> indefinitely.
RN> * When I try to start the guardian using the
RN> windows "Services" utility, the service exits immediately,
RN> reporting "The registry information is missing.Please run the
RN> Firebird Configuration Utilit the server thread. errno : 6."

Sounds weird. To clean the ground before retrying, I would suggest a
'instsvc remove -g' to clean things followed by a 'instreg remove'. If
one of these report any error, reboot after having run both commands.
Then, register this way :

Using a command-prompt and from the "bin" subdirectory of your
firebird installation, run :

instreg install "c:\program files\firebird\firebird 1.5"
instsvc install "c:\program files\firebird\firebird 1.5" -a -g

Of course, adjust the above example path to the one where your
Firebird 1.5 has been installed. The path you have to give is the root
path. The one where firebird.conf and security.fdb are located.

Now, start the server : instsvc start
Or use the service control panel.

When you'll have it running this way, stop it before eventually adding
a login account using the services applet.

RN> All of these problems just suddenly disappear when I use
RN> LocalSystem to install the services. I noticed that "Interact with
RN> desktop" is activated by default, which, to me, might indicate
RN> that there is some dependency on interacting with the desktop
RN> (which you, for instance, would need to open a registry key
RN> read-write).

Unrelated, but I understand you might think it looks like this.
instsvc is being reworked at the moment in anticipation of the next

RN> As for the rest, the product looks great! Keep up the good work,
RN> guys!

The engine is great. The integrated installation routine which will be
back in the RC is too. Those admin utilities (instreg / instsvc) will
be more civilized too.

RN> Thanks,
RN> Riaan

Thanks too for your support,

Best regards,
Olivier Mascia

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