Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: IB/FB and MySQL at low bandwidth connection
Author Tassos Kyriakos
>>So, don't use Firebird or Interbase over Internet if you can choose
>>PostgreSQL or MySQL.
>>Or is there any solution for IB/FB?

I believe that the real solution for low bandwidth connections,
(ex DSL, ISDN etc) is the 3 or more tier devellopment with very thin
It seems to be the better way for easy "setup"/support for remote
installations and the only
one that gives the infrastracture for real quick (through controlled level
comression) and safe (through
profession encryption) data transfer.

More over, i think that currently there is a tendency for move form C/S
architecture to 3tier even for LAN applications,
maybe because this way somebody can devellop once and cover LAN & WAN.
This approach affects ALL SQL SERVERS even Firebird and Interbase (at least
until 6.5 version that -as said - diminish the problem) suffers more from
not efficient data transfer.

Just my thoughts
Tassos Kyriakos
Athens, Greece
Email: tkyr@...