Subject Re: IB/FB and MySQL at low bandwidth connection
Author nvitya
When I do so 70 k is transmitted (most of it is zero of course).


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> I would imagine that if you backup without asking for verbose output (i.e. a
> memo feed) there will not be any traffic back to the client...
> As for the other times... maybe you have a point here
> Alan
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> Subject: [ib-support] Re: IB/FB and MySQL at low bandwidth connection
> And additionally:
> When I do remote backup (using service manager) with verbose output 30
> MEGABYTES data was transmitted to the client who made the backup. The
> database was 1.1M, its backup is 160 k.
> I used IBConsole.
> What the hell this is? Do we really need the huge amount zeros to be
> transmitted?
> I checked the Microsoft SQL server protocol. It has the same result as the
> MySQL and PostgreSQL. Only the Interbase is slow.
> Viktor