Subject IB/FB and MySQL at low bandwidth connection
Author nvitya

We are using Interbase 6.01 for our application and we want to access
the data over the internet also. The performance is very good over
the LAN but low over the internet.

The client's connection speed is 512 kbit/s for download and 128
kbit/s for upload. This is quite fast, but not enough either...

Even the simplest query takes about 1 sec to get the result. I see on
my cable modem that there is a quite heavy two-way traffic during the
query run. I use the isql tool to run a query like "select count(*)
from table;". The server is a 2.2 GHz P4 connected with higher
bandwith to the internet than the client. The client and the server
are in the same city.

Doing this with MySQL or PostgreSQL gives the result immediately
(0.05 sec).

I did remote backup from this client from IBConsole tool with
verbose output. Every line took a about 1 sec to appear, so the
backup lasted about 10 minutes! Without verbose output it completed
immediately (the database is very small).

So there is something in the communication I think. Maybe not really
the communication speed is the problem rather the delays inserted by
the internet.

Can be the query run speed somehow increased?

If not, then I think IB/FB is not suitable for using over internet
compared to the other SQL servers.