Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB questions: local client db, can FB coexist
Author Jiri Hoffmayer
Thank you,

>Are you running your local Fb server on a different port (other than 3050?)
>Cause if so, you've ran into one of the bugs in Fb 1.5, RC7.

Probably not, I never changed any port settings, did just clean FB installs.

>> 3. How can IB and FB or different FB versions coexist on one computer?

>Install the Fb1.5 as a different instance listening on a different port and

I install FB for my application from the zip archive files, copying them
into my app local directory (keeping the structure of course) except for
fbclient.dll and gds32.dll which are copied into system32. Then starting (or
maybe stopping) server via the bat files provided.

How can I setup an different port automatically, is that done by modifying
some of the install_server.bat file commands?
First I would probably need to know if there is another FB instance
installed and on which port it is running, how can I get such info? Maybe I
also should copy fbclient.dll and gds32.dll to my app local path to avoid
conflict with another FB/IB version already installed? So will there be in
the end the 2 services running for each FB instance?

(Maybe the automatic exe installer can handle such situations somehow? I
didn't realised...)

So many questions, can you help? Maybe I missed some important paper to