Subject Determining last change date for a .gdb file?
Author David Montgomery

We have several Firebird servers with many thousands of discrete .gdb
files spread all over the place. I'm trying to write a comprehensive
automated backup methodology for our particular mess, and I would only
like to perform a backup of the files that have changed since the last

To determine if any particular .gdb file has changed since the last
backup, I was planning to check the file's modified date. I am
assuming that gbak itself does not alter the source .gdb file's
modified or changed timestamps...A few test backups on my experimental
FB1.5 machine seem to corroborate this, but I've no idea if this
should remain true for future versions of gbak.

Presumably, a .gdb file's modified or changed timstamp would only
change when a transaction is committed to the file, and uncommitted
transactions are ignored by gbak anyway... Is this correct?

Overall, does this methodology of checking file modification dates
seem sound to our resident gurus?

Best Regards,

David Montgomery