Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB questions: local client db, can FB coexist
Author Martijn Tonies

> I have three beginners questions if somebody can help, please. I'm talking
> about FB on Windows2000/XP.
> 1. The announced isc4.gdb IB file is security.fdb in FB1.5?


> 2. Assume a situation, where a client application collects data and stores
> them to a remote FB database. Now the connection gets broken and the data
> must be stored to a local temporary database. I thought this would be no
> problem, but it seems like if there is a local FB server running, I can't
> connect to a remote DB.

Sure you can, I do this all the time.

Are you running your local Fb server on a different port (other than 3050?)
Cause if so, you've ran into one of the bugs in Fb 1.5, RC7.

> 3. How can IB and FB or different FB versions coexist on one computer?
> say the customer has an application running on a computer which uses IB /
> FB1.0 already, now another FB1.5 app shall be installed, which also may
> to use another SYSDBA password for example.

Install the Fb1.5 as a different instance listening on a different port and
to your database using that particular port.

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