Subject FB questions: local client db, can FB coexist
Author Jiri Hoffmayer

I have three beginners questions if somebody can help, please. I'm talking
about FB on Windows2000/XP.

1. The announced isc4.gdb IB file is security.fdb in FB1.5?

2. Assume a situation, where a client application collects data and stores
them to a remote FB database. Now the connection gets broken and the data
must be stored to a local temporary database. I thought this would be no
problem, but it seems like if there is a local FB server running, I can't
connect to a remote DB. If it isn't I cannot of course store data into a
local DB file. I'm using IBObjects for establishing the DB connection. How
can this be solved?

3. How can IB and FB or different FB versions coexist on one computer? Let's
say the customer has an application running on a computer which uses IB /
FB1.0 already, now another FB1.5 app shall be installed, which also may want
to use another SYSDBA password for example.

If anybody can help, thanks