Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: MAX database size
Author Daniel Rail
At 25/09/2002 02:49 PM, you wrote:
> There appears, under NT4.0 and W2K, to be a limit, quite a bit under
>that. Below is some of the e-mail tread, that occured here a month or so
>Can not have open at any one time files that total 180GB, whether hundreds /
>thousands of little files or one big file. The _ is under the at the same

So, Windows documentation is misleading. Because it says it can manage a
file size up to 16TeraBytes by using 64KB clusters, but it's also stated
that the max file size limit is up to the size of the volume that the file
resides. Probably the limitation of 180GB comes from the limitations of a
combination of Windows and hardware configuration.

Please take note that I'm not disputing the fact that was posted
before. I'm just posting my findings from the Microsoft web site. And,
like I said my earlier post was just quick calculations, the numbers above
come from Microsoft's website.

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