Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: MAX database size
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
"Daniel Rail" <daniel@...> wrote in message
> At 25/09/2002 02:49 PM, you wrote:
> >Daniel,
> > There appears, under NT4.0 and W2K, to be a limit, quite a bit
> >that. Below is some of the e-mail tread, that occured here a month or so
> >ago:
> >
> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >Fred,
> >
> >Can not have open at any one time files that total 180GB, whether
hundreds /
> >thousands of little files or one big file. The _ is under the at the
> >time.
> So, Windows documentation is misleading. Because it says it can manage a
> file size up to 16TeraBytes by using 64KB clusters, but it's also stated
> that the max file size limit is up to the size of the volume that the file
> resides. Probably the limitation of 180GB comes from the limitations of a
> combination of Windows and hardware configuration.
Sort of, it is a limit on the handling of concurrent _open_ files. Still
haven't tested under 2K, but NT only allows 180GB concurrent open files. It
is documented under their knowledgebase. Nearly shot me dead in a document
imaging application I was working on. It is a limit on Kernel Memory I
think and the way open files are monitored / mapped / managed in Windows.

The KB articles that discuss this imply that it is a 192 MB limit => about a
180GB file size limit. The system slows to a crawl and slowly dies. It
states it is higher in 2K, but conflicts with itself to state is as between
200 & 450GB.


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