Subject Backup error
Author Bob Murdoch
I'm using FB1 on NT4sp6. When using gbak to make a backup, I receive an
error which looks to me alot like out of disk space -

Done with volume #1: <gbak file>. Press enter to reopen that file or
type a new name followed by a return to open a different file.

The drive that both the gdb and gbk file are stored on has over 20G free,
and no other drive has less than 1.5G free space.

The command used is:

gbak -b -v -y f:\ib\backup.log -user sysdba -password masterkey
f:\ib\db.gdb f:\ib\backup\db.gbk

This is in a batch file that hasn't changed in quite some time.

The backup file at the point that I receive this error is of varying sizes
- 110M, 125M, and once 1.2G (the db itself is 2.2G).

The above error occurs when running gbak locally on the server. If I try
to run gbak from a workstation using servicemgr, the client just waits
forever, with no error message.


Bob M..