Subject Exploits/Vulnerabilities
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I do not believe this is off topic for the list, but it may be.

Sorry Helen if it is, please advise what list to use, if I am off topic.

Recently I saw a post on a Cobalt security list showing forwarded
message about an exploit in IB 6 I believe CS.

I am not so worried about IB 6/6.01 CS/SS as I believe anyone using
either should switch to Firebird immediately. I see no reason to stick
with IB 6/6.01 CS/SS especially if these vulnerabilities still exist.

I am just looking for confirmation on whether they exist or not for
Firebird. I would test myself, but I do not want to play around looking
for a problem that has already been resolved. I can however if others
are unsure.

Here is the initial post that I saw.

Now I also found these

Do any of these affect the current release of Firebird?
If not please disregard this email.


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