Subject Password encoding
Author sdbeames
I've had no luck getting third party programs like GBAKSCHD &
IBBACKUP to work properly with Firebird, while IBSQL & my own app
using IBO work just fine. The former give "Your username and password
are not defined...." messages. GBAKSCHD will work with
SYSDBA/masterkey, but not with any other user, where as IBBACKUP
won't work with any defined user/password including SYSDBA/masterkey.
I used SocSpy32 to check out the TCP/IP traffic when connecting using
these different programs, and have found that for the same entered
passwords, the encoded passwords that are sent to the server are
different for these two 3rd party apps, (from each other, and from
the apps that work). Can anyone suggest why this might be so ?

Firebird 0.94 & 1.0, Win95 & Win98