Subject Re: [ib-support] Mass deletion
Author Nataraj S Narayanan
On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Doug Chamberlin wrote:

> > > delete drug_bill_item where drug_bill_item.bill_id=new.bill_id;
> >
> >Is it new.bill_id or old.bill_id?
> You need to read the documentation on triggers!

Yep. I know that too well. But i have to make things work by this weekend
or else wind up the business at one place.

Thanks for the tips.

> > > P.S. It would help us help you if you said what type of trigger you have
> > > created (before insert, after update, etc.) There can be small differences
> > > between them.
> >
> >Well ,i had given the trigger as a 'before delete'.
> In that case it should be old.bill_id since the delete triggers only deal
> with old.* fields.