Subject Re: [ib-support] Password encoding
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:47 PM 10-04-02 +0000, you wrote:
> I've had no luck getting third party programs like GBAKSCHD &
>IBBACKUP to work properly with Firebird, while IBSQL & my own app
>using IBO work just fine. The former give "Your username and password
>are not defined...." messages. GBAKSCHD will work with
>SYSDBA/masterkey, but not with any other user

Only SYSDBA or the database owner are allowed to run gbak -b. (Oh, and
root user on Linux).

I don't have gbakschd but IBBackup works 100% on my setup. Just make sure
that, when you enter your strings on the Backup and Server tabs, you click
the "+" button in the toolbar so that the backup parameters get
updated. (If the button stays black, then the update is still
will change to the "disabled" colour when the update is
complete). IBBackup might be still looking at the placeholder setup that
Martin includes (points to sample database in a possibly non-existent
InterBase 6 installation...)

>, where as IBBACKUP
>won't work with any defined user/password including SYSDBA/masterkey.
>I used SocSpy32 to check out the TCP/IP traffic when connecting using
>these different programs, and have found that for the same entered
>passwords, the encoded passwords that are sent to the server are
>different for these two 3rd party apps, (from each other, and from
>the apps that work). Can anyone suggest why this might be so ?

As I recall, the encoded string that the client sends across the wire is
different every time...I think I would be more worried if your spy prog
were detecting an identical string on multiple connection structures.

>Firebird 0.94 & 1.0, Win95 & Win98

My setup here is Firebird 1.0 on NT 4 SP 6a. I doubt the platform makes a
difference, though, since IBBackup works fine on my IB 5.6 server, which is
running as an app on Win 98; and also remotely to my Linux server on RH 7.2.

Sorry if the following are silly questions, but...

1. Do you have the server name configured in the HOSTS file of both machines?
2. Does the Windows user you are logged in as on the client have
permissions on the host machine?
3. Is there any chance that your remote IBBackup setup is trying to
connect to a server named localhost? Or is Servername blank and ibbackup
is trying to connect to a database that doesn't exist on the client machine?
4. You mentioned that you have two different versions of Firebird: could
it be that you have client library mismatches?


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