Subject Re: [ib-support] Poor Network Performance (Helen)
Author M Tuttle
Greetings Achim,

> [snip]
> > I have an ini file that stores this info...
> > [Database]
> > DBPath=\\OGDENNT\F:\SYS\Frontline\Imaging\Bin\FLImage.GDB
> >
> > [Server]
> > ServerName=\\OGDENNT
> >

set your connection string to
and it should work.
DonĀ“t use the UNC-connection string

Doing this has some good and some very bad results.

First off, with the old path DBPath=\\OGDENNT\F:... 6 out of 8 computers
would run very slow, while the other two were very fast.

Now I change this to the new DBPath=OGDENNT:F:... and here are the
1) The first computer we tried this on that use to be slow, is now very
fast. Yeah...

2) Another computer that was fast is still fast.

3) Another computer that was fast now blows up with an Exception
EDatabaseError in Module FLImages_IB at 00080124 error.

4) Another 2 computer that did work but were extremely slow now also blow up
with the same exception.

I almost thought we had our problem solved. If we cahnge the DBPath back to
the old was, then the computers that blow up with the new DBPath now work as
they did before, either slow or fast.

Any more ideas?

> [Mike]
> Can you send me an example of how to setup a host file and where it should
> reside?

there is a sample file
make a file scan for HOSTS.SAM
chance it with your values and
save it without a extention as HOSTS <----no extention here !!
in the windows-directroy where you found it

What exactly is a host file used for? And what values do I place into it?

Thanks again,