Subject Re: [ib-support] Poor Network Performance (Lester)
Author M Tuttle
Greetings Lester,

> > [Mike]
> > Can you send me an example of how to setup a host file and where it
> > reside?

There should already be a sample.
NT->W2k->XP all store the TCP/IP files in
9X stores them directly in the \Windows directory

HOSTS For machine names
SERVICES For the 3050 and other services entries
NETWORKS Root names
PROTOCOL TCP/IP protocol conversions
( lmhosts.sam was the Microsoft attempt to hijack the standard )

Simply lines of IP address and machine name ( with room for notes ENGINEERING # Notes on this line

Only problem is to ensure that the saved file does not get
the obligatory .txt added to it. Remove it if it does <g>

Can anyone tell me what the host file is really used for and exaclty what I
should be placing into it?
DoI need to use it?