Subject Error reading data from the connection
Author Douglas Tosi
Hi there,

I'll try to describe this weird error i'm getting and hope you can help. :)

The server is FB RC1 on Win2K Pro.
The error happens on one w98 client. Other clients (w98 or w2k) have no
Every client is using RC1 gds32.dll. They have MS Windows and Novell network
clients, IPX and TCP/IP installed.

I wrote an app in Delphi + IBX which connects to this server via TCP/IP

There are two transactions (A and B). Both are:
but A is read-write and B is read-only.

Transaction B has 3 queries which are refreshed (close/open) every 450ms for
a real-time monitoring screen. These queries are very small.
Now, every time a query on transaction A reads a lot of data (a big report,
for example) i get "error reading data from the connection". The exact
moment of the error seems to be random.
If i stop the refreshing of Transaction A's queries, everithing is fine. I
can view a 300 page report with no problems.

What's happening? How do I fix it? Help me, pleeeease!