Subject Re: [ib-support] Poor Network Performance (Helen)
> [Mike]
> Doing this has some good and some very bad results.
> First off, with the old path DBPath=\\OGDENNT\F:... 6 out of 8 computers
> would run very slow, while the other two were very fast.

This suggests that you have both TCP/IP and Netbeui enabled,
and with different orders of selection.
REMOVE all Netbeui protocol entries, Windows will now use
TCP/IP just as well, so Netbeui is redundant.

> Now I change this to the new DBPath=OGDENNT:F:... and here are the
> results...

Your HOSTS file needs


as its second entry

just after the one that says localhost

I also put all the other machine IP addresses and names in
the file, and copy it to all the machines - it's a pain, but
it stops Windows looking for a name server, which seems to
depend on the time of day and the colour of the connecting
leads as to it's responce time <g>

The simple test that TCP/IP is running properly on each
machine is to open a command prompt window and enter


if it comes back with a fast responce you are OK, if it's
slow or fails then you don't have TCP/IP running on that

Final note. Netbeui uses broadcast messages to check for
machines, this can clog up the network if it keeps trying
all the time, which is another reason for removing it. All
my 98 and NT machines only have the TCP/IP protocol and work

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services