Subject Re: [ib-support] Poor Network Performance (Helen)
Author M Tuttle
Greetings Helen,

Thankyou for the reply.

Are these slow machines trying to connect via NetBeui instead of TCP/IP.

No, they are using TCP/IP.

Alternatively, are they engaged in some form of networking operation
involving NetBeui? or IPX/SX?

Yes, some of our workstations have the IPX/SX protocol setup. This office
has two servers (WinNT and Novell). However as a side note, one of the
computers that run has IPX/SX setup runs fines, while another one that has
it does not.

Another thing to look at is their network protocol stacks: remove IPX/SX
altogether and tell them to play Quake on another network. :) No kidding,
if IPX/SX is being used on that network, it will stupefy TCP/IP. Try to
push TCP/IP up to the top of their stacks if you can.

Well since we must have both TCP/IP and IPX/SX protocols installed so we can
attach to both WinNT and Novell, How do I push TCP/IP to the top of the
stack. I guess I'm not sure what you mean here.

If it is the Win95 workstations in particular, check whether they have the
latest Plus! upgrade - slow connection often indicates that they are using
the old Winsock 1.

Well I know that none of the 95 stations are going to have plus installed.
So how can I tell if they are using Winsock 1? And if they are is there any
other way to find and install Winsock 2?

Make sure that they are all connecting to
OURSERVER:D:\ourpath\ourdatabase.gdb with *no* variation on this connection
string format; no mapped drives, no drive designators that are missing the
backslash after, no IP addresses.

When you say to make sure they are all connecting to the database with *no*
variations on this connection string format.

I have an ini file that stores this info...


Then in the login routine this is used to log all workstations on. So I
assume that this is ok.

Thanks for your help on this matter.