Subject Re: Some really dumb questions from a newbie
Author Peter Richards <>
Hi Herman,

Thanks for your replies.

--- In, Herman Timmermans
<timmermans.herman@s...> wrote:

> On Thursday 20 February 2003 05:35, "Peter Richards wrote:
> > 3. I have JBuilder and Delphi (no doubt I can use those with
> > Firebird). When using Java with Firebird, how different is it to using
> > a JBuilder/Firebird combination ? I _think_ you can compile with
> > JBuilder (haven't used it much); can you compile Java, so that you
> > create an executable, or do you always have to run it as 'scripts' ?
> >
> Java compiles source into byte code (class files) that is then run
by the
> JAVA Virtual Machine. However, third party tools exist to compile
byte code
> into native machine executable code.....

Okay, thanks. Does JBuilder only create the byte code (class files)
and not an executable ? Would any of these third party tools be open
source, and are they reliable, stable, well known products. I would
prefer not to have scripts or lots of other files in a (Java)
deployment, being used to one .EXE deploys with Delphi. Or, maybe that
just isn't possible with Java.

> > 6. How 'easy' are ports from other languages to Java ? For example,
> > I have an application written in BASIC+, which is the language used by
> > RevSoft's ( product called OpenInsight.
> >
> > For example, here is a commonly used FOR loop, with an embedded IF:
> >
> > For y = 1 to Period_cnt
> > If Transaction_Date >= Period_from<1,y> then
> > If Transaction_Date <= Period_to<1,y> then
> > Period = y
> > end
> > end
> > Next y
> >
> > I guess if no-one else has done such a port, it's difficult to give an
> > estimate. (There are over 300 different commands in BASIC+ )
> >
> I would guess this would require a rewrite (re-design?) of your
> Of course supports a language like Java all classical constructions
> while statements
> do statements
> for statement
> switch statement
> if/else clause
> etc ...

Okay, thanks, so some of the code could be translated/ported, but some
couldn't. Some would be very tricky, like arrays and data types, etc.

> > 7. Much on the same topic, what about converting event driven
> > functions, etc (code behind click, double click, form create, etc).
> > How well do these translate into Java, for use with a Firebird db ?

> Using Swing components and programming event listeners to handle the
> you would be able to achieve this.

It seems I need to do a beginners course in Java, to even come close
to estimating how easy or otherwise a port would be. I would like to
think that I could write code to translate most of it, and take the
hack work out, as a total re-write would take me 'nn' man years.