Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Setup JayBird in JBuilder
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Thursday 20 February 2003 11:03, you wrote:


> > What is in the FAQ, is about all you need to use Jaybird 'in your
> > code', but does not seem to go far enough for some people (DBPilot
> > settings for example).
> I'm not sure that registering JayBird with DBPilot differs from
> registering InterClient or any other JDBC driver.

It doesn't

> This seems to be a JBuilder FAQ question, not JayBird's.

I agree, but at least 3 people have got stuck at this point.

> However, if there are any
> differences in the procedure, I would like to know about them

There isn't

> > Maybe a simple 'hello world' example JBuilder project in
> > the /examples/ directory in the Jaybird 'download' might be and
> > idea?
> I do not think so. JBuilder (even it is quite popular) is not more
> preferred than NetBeans, IDEA IntelliJ, Together, etc.

Depends on the 'Market', most Government, banks and other finantial
insitutions that use Java that I know of use JBuilder, but most 'open source'
and small shops use something else, but I get your point.

> However, I would encourage any movement in the community to create a
> place ("sandbox") where such topics will be covered.
> Each sandbox would have its own download area, own
> leaders/contributors. There are some technical issues (like CVS
> access rights, if any), etc. but I'm sure we can solve them.
> What do you think?

I like the idea, and would also be useful for other areas under the FB
'project' (e.g. .Net drivers etc.)

Not sure it should, or needs to be under CVS control though.

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