Subject Some really dumb questions from a newbie
Author Peter Richards <>

Sorry about the dumb questions; can someone answer them please.

1. I'm familiar with the use of Interbase, so I'll assume that
Firebird is the open source extension/enhancement of (open source) IB ??

2. What is POSIX ? Is it a Unix or Linux clone ?

3. I have JBuilder and Delphi (no doubt I can use those with
Firebird). When using Java with Firebird, how different is it to using
a JBuilder/Firebird combination ? I _think_ you can compile with
JBuilder (haven't used it much); can you compile Java, so that you
create an executable, or do you always have to run it as 'scripts' ?

4. What are the software license restrictions with using Firebird/Java
? I mean Firebird is open source, what about Java ? Any deployment
restrictions, number of seats, etc, etc.

5. Can you run Firebird/Java as client/server or as single user ?

6. How 'easy' are ports from other languages to Java ? For example,
I have an application written in BASIC+, which is the language used by
RevSoft's ( product called OpenInsight.

For example, here is a commonly used FOR loop, with an embedded IF:

For y = 1 to Period_cnt
If Transaction_Date >= Period_from<1,y> then
If Transaction_Date <= Period_to<1,y> then
Period = y
Next y

I guess if no-one else has done such a port, it's difficult to give an
estimate. (There are over 300 different commands in BASIC+ )

7. Much on the same tpoic, what about converting event driven
functions, etc (code behind click, double click, form create, etc).
How well do these translate into Java, for use with a Firebird db ?

Well, that's about it, ....... sorry, I did say they were dumb questions.