Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Some really dumb questions from a newbie
Author Herman Timmermans
Ok, a lot of different things. I'm not an expert but I'll try to be as
accurate as possible. Please feel free to comment, correct or complete my

On Thursday 20 February 2003 05:35, "Peter Richards wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry about the dumb questions; can someone answer them please.
> 1. I'm familiar with the use of Interbase, so I'll assume that
> Firebird is the open source extension/enhancement of (open source) IB ??

Yes, Firebird is Open Source based on the source code released by Inprise Corp
(now known as Borland Software Corp) under the InterBase Public License v.1.0
on 25 July, 2000.

> 2. What is POSIX ? Is it a Unix or Linux clone ?
Neither, POSIX is standard, basically a set of specifications that came to
live to get a grip on the UNIX Wars. The Unix industry sponsored a set of
standards that would define the interfaces provided by a Unix-system. The
part of the pecs that deals with the programming and system-tools interface
is called POSIX and is issued by IEEE. Unix is a generic name indicating a
number of UNIX-implementations, and most modern one's are trying to be as
compliant as possible to the POSIX standards. Linux is a freely
distributable, Unix-like operating system kernel, and was designed primarely
in accordance with the POSIX specifications, and follows further unix System
V practice with a compatibility layer for BSD interfaces.
> 3. I have JBuilder and Delphi (no doubt I can use those with
> Firebird). When using Java with Firebird, how different is it to using
> a JBuilder/Firebird combination ? I _think_ you can compile with
> JBuilder (haven't used it much); can you compile Java, so that you
> create an executable, or do you always have to run it as 'scripts' ?
Java complies source into byte code (class files) that is then run by the
JAVA Virtual Machine. However, third party tools exist to compile byte code
into native machine executable code.....

> 4. What are the software license restrictions with using Firebird/Java
> ? I mean Firebird is open source, what about Java ? Any deployment
> restrictions, number of seats, etc, etc.
See the SUN Microsystems web site on their licensing policy.
> 5. Can you run Firebird/Java as client/server or as single user ?
Both are possible. Single user on single machine or c/s. Same for
mulit-users. You can even implement mulit-tier with an application server
like JBoss or Tomcat ..... (user/web-layer, application layer, database)

> 6. How 'easy' are ports from other languages to Java ? For example,
> I have an application written in BASIC+, which is the language used by
> RevSoft's ( product called OpenInsight.
> For example, here is a commonly used FOR loop, with an embedded IF:
> For y = 1 to Period_cnt
> If Transaction_Date >= Period_from<1,y> then
> If Transaction_Date <= Period_to<1,y> then
> Period = y
> end
> end
> Next y
> I guess if no-one else has done such a port, it's difficult to give an
> estimate. (There are over 300 different commands in BASIC+ )
I would guess this would require a rewrite (re-design?) of your application.
Of course supports a language like Java all classical constructions like:
while statements
do statements
for statement
switch statement
if/else clause
etc ...

> 7. Much on the same tpoic, what about converting event driven
> functions, etc (code behind click, double click, form create, etc).
> How well do these translate into Java, for use with a Firebird db ?
> Well, that's about it, ....... sorry, I did say they were dumb questions.
> Peter
Using Swing componetns and programming event listeners to handle the events
you would be able to achieve this.

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