Subject Re: JDBC Development
I agree. And I think that I could provide the skeleton classes
for the gds implementation in Java, so everyone will be able to
start the JDBC development over it.

But, we must decide the package names before. Here you have
all the posibilities that I have seen in this list:

- mustn't be used because we do not own
the domain.

- or is redundant because
the name firebird identifies a SQL database server, and
we don't need to append sql to it. I think that Firebird
will be widely known and it won't need the word sql in
the name to explain what is it.

- identifies our database server (Firebird) and
the several APIs available (GDS and JDBC).

I propose the following package names:

firebird.gds (Firebird API encapsulation)
firebird.jdbc (JDBC implementation using GDS calls)

A name for our project could be FireClient (we need a name to
open a module in Firebird CVS).

Alejandro Alberola

--- In IB-Java@y..., David Jencks <davidjencks@e...> wrote:

> A think a good first step after deciding on the package names is to get
> skeleton classes on cvs "implementing" with no-ops all the needed
> interfaces. If everyone agrees I will try to get these set up in
the next
> day or two.
> Thanks
> david jencks