Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: JDBC Development
Author Arkadiusz Rychlinski
> There has to be a balance between what can be done,
> anticipated future/architectural needs and what people
> actually need.
> I feel the same way about advanced transactional support.
> I will have limited use for it, if any.

But if people need the only JDBC 1.0 features, the can always use existing
What is good in creating clone of current driver? Fact, that the new one
will talk directly
to database has no advantages to me. I had no problem with installing and
using interserver.

I my opinion (if I could suggest anything) the new driver should at least
fully support JDBC 2.0
what would make it something better than interserver from programmer's point
of view.

I will try to help develop this new driver.

Arkadiusz Rychlinski