Subject Suggested Program of Work
Author Jim Starkey
If Firebird is going to product a pure Java JDBC driver,
I suggest that it be broken into three subprojects for
speed of implementation:

1. A Java package that talks directly to a server
on 3050 exporting Interbase semantics. Let's
call this Fb3050 until somebody coins a better

2. A Java package that implements the basic JDBC
objects against Fb3050. FbJdbc?

3. A Java package that encapsulates DatabaseMetaData
resultSets. FbMetaData? Although it could be
implemented against Fb3050, if layered on JDBC
it could be developed with interserver/interclient
in parallel with Fb3050, eliminating a dependency.
FbMetaData could recycle code from either IscDbc
or interserver (but see below).

If the entire project can avoid using anything subject to
the Interbase Public License, the project can but put
under a Firebird Public License and Borland's name wouldn't
sulley anything. Ann is currently drafting a prospective
FPL based on Mozilla. Assuming we get closure on the license,
I'm perfectly happy to release OdbcJdbc and IscDbc under it.
On the other hand, "Jim's Public License" has a nice ring
to it and fits well with "Jim's Relation Database" (no, Jim
isn't looking for any special rights to anything). But, sigh,
reasonble men/women will differ.

A pure Java JDBC implementation could be the kicker to move
Firebird from a narrow Borland legacy niche into the mainstream.

Jim Starkey