Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: JDBC Development
Author Ola Samuelson
Your right too ...........but my experience of interserver on linux is that is
is not working very well and that a pure java driver would give me
more control and allow me to debug the driver more easily.


Arkadiusz Rychlinski wrote:

> > There has to be a balance between what can be done,
> > anticipated future/architectural needs and what people
> > actually need.
> >
> > I feel the same way about advanced transactional support.
> > I will have limited use for it, if any.
> But if people need the only JDBC 1.0 features, the can always use existing
> interserver.
> What is good in creating clone of current driver? Fact, that the new one
> will talk directly
> to database has no advantages to me. I had no problem with installing and
> using interserver.
> I my opinion (if I could suggest anything) the new driver should at least
> fully support JDBC 2.0
> what would make it something better than interserver from programmer's point
> of view.
> I will try to help develop this new driver.
> Arkadiusz Rychlinski
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