Subject Re: A question that (sort of) touches on Firebird.
Author plinehan
> > Could some kind soul explain this phenomenon to me?

> Expanding a bit on Dmitry's message. Firebird 32 and
> 64 bit databases are bit for bit identical on disk.

Even for 64 bit integers? Does this mean that I could
take a database from a 64 bit system and plonk it
down on a 32 bit file system and it would work
(assuming I knew the password)?

> The network protocol and API's are also identical.
> The processes are different, allowing for much more
> memory use in 64 bit applications, but all communication,
> including communication by writing and reading disk blocks
> was designed to be common to the two architectures.

I still don't exactly get how it works, but I'm reassured
that you think that it's perfectly normal - I don't
have to worry about corrupting things by accident or
the like.

Thanks to you both - rgs,


> Ann