Subject A question that (sort of) touches on Firebird.
Author plinehan
Hi all,

Today I installed Windows 2008 Server R2 on my laptop.

I am fooling around with a multi-database project, one
of which is going to be Firebird. Since Firebird is
great for prototyping (and I know it reasonably well),
it was the first 64 bit app that I downloaded.

Then, I figure, I'll need some admin tool, so I headed
over to IBPhoenix and downloaded a couple of bits and
bobs, to see which would work well - a couple of new
kids on the block looked interesting, so I gave them
a twirl.

Then, a thought struck me (it does happen sometimes!).

How come I can administer a 64 bit database server with
32 bit applications? The other way round, I can get,
but I'm confused as to why the admin tools that I used
didn't get, err... well..., confused.

Could some kind soul explain this phenomenon to me?

TIA and rgs,