Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: A question that (sort of) touches on Firebird.
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:53 AM 21/07/2011, plinehan wrote:

>Even for 64 bit integers?

64-bit integer is a data format - it has nothing to do with whether the hardware or the server software supports the 64-bit bus width of the system. Firebird (and InterBase 6) had 64-bit integers for years before Firebird produced the first 64-bit builds. ;-)

>Does this mean that I could
>take a database from a 64 bit system and plonk it
>down on a 32 bit file system and it would work
>(assuming I knew the password)?

You can - as long as you are clear in your mind about the distinction between "database" and "server software". You can copy a *database file* created by a 64-bit Firebird server onto a 32-bit system and use it there. Whether file-copying is a good way to deploy databases to mixed platforms is another story...