Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: About IBDI
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Markus

markus.soell@... wrote:

>> I agree with David, if its the firebird web site, it should be
>> basically hosted within the firebird infrastructure, which is
>> currently at sourceforge.

My personal opinon is that we don't need two web sites, except of the
for,, one will do, but this is for Pavel to decide,
since currently he is the one looking after the Firebird web site. So
if he is happy, then Im happy about it. Pavel is a member of Firebird,
and has been with Firebird since it's inception, and has travelled a lot
of miles with the project, (and with InterBase prior to that). Since
he is a Firebird old timer, and the web site is his area, it's his call
what happens with the Firebird web site.

As far as Im aware Damian is not a member of Firebird, but that doesn't
matter, like I said previously, the community boundaries overlap, but a
final say on something as important as the public face of Firebird's web
site is something I think is best let to a core member of the firebird
team, which in this case is Pavel.

I would say that after Damian and perhaps yourself, have travelled a bit
of distance with us, and actively participated in working on/in
Firebird with us, then it's likely to change, but first you have to
travel a bit of distance with us, and participate a bit.

Sourceforge, has quite a number of advantages for hosting, and remote
access by all participants, but there is more work involved in designing
these pages, which I think can be done without having yet determined
where they will finally appear. After having gone through that process
I think it will be clear to all participants which is the best site.
But I agree with David, I think sourceforge will work out to be the site
of choice.

Now Marcus,

I think it's time you told us a little about yourself, I very much
appreciate your involvement in the marketting issues here, as they are
important and the quality of your input and efforts in leading the
discussion have been supurb.

But it would be helpful I think for us to know a little more about the
man who has drifed into the whole FB/IB thing only recently and has
suddenly decided to play such an active role in molding our future.

Im also curious as to your relationship with FB/IB, do you use it, or is
it that their are other aspects of our situation that you find
appealing. I sense from what you have posted here, that you have more
of an active interest in the managing and marketting than the technical
or quality aspects of our situation.

I must admit, as our mystery guest of the week, it certainly has made it
an interesting week,:-). I for one hope that you'll stay around,
continue with your active participation, and become a more perminant
part of the community.

If you do want to contribute more to firebird, then there are
instructons for joining the project on our (current) web page :-). But
as I said, we certainly listen to good advice and suggestions from our
supporters in the wider community, so joining is not a prerequisite for
helping or contributing.

Now, I AM looking forward to the next reply :-).

And that testing is definately loosing ground..



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