Subject [IB-Architect] CVS home [was: 64 Bit Integers]
Author Mike Nordell
Chris Jewell wrote:

> For the information of all readers, the CVS tree available at
> contains a fix for that bug, in file dsql/pass1.c. (... also for a
> few other bugs that we IB engineers in Scotts Valley fixed after the
> 6.0 open-source code freeze in June.)


This is *not* intended as a flame-bait, but to try to get some info as how
to we could get this to proceed as smoothly as possible.

If I'm way out of line here, like you not being a part of Inprise, but a
part of NewCo, please disregard what seems to not fit in the following text.

This information implies that Inprise did not release the "current"
(up-to-date) source to the community. Could you, or anyone else, please
either verify or deny this?

Committing have already begun at the firebird project, and it also seems
like the firebird project is the IBDI endorsed one. Opinions have been
voiced that Inprise wouldn't be trusted (whatever the reasons, no flames
please) to the extent needed to use their setup at Source Forge.

Since we now apparently *have* two branches with different bugfixes for
different parts, would you be willing to accept whatever place the majority
deem appropriate as the (even if intermediate) "home" for IB as the
"official" CVS?

If it turns out that Firebird would be the (possibly intermediate) home for
the code, would you be intersted to merge your fixes into that tree?

I'm sorry for posting this in the Architects group, but since this probly
also affects you...

Disclaimer: This is my personal comment, and does in no way connect to the
Firebird and Firebird Ashes official standpoints, if we at the moment even
have any. :-)


/Mike Nordell