Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Geoff McInnes
Someone who's way too kind wrote:

>First, I really want to thank Dale for even coming up with the idea to Open
>Source Interbase.

Given the mushroom cloud that went up in Dec 99 due to mass resignations
thanks isn't the word that comes to mind.

>I would just like to point out that Dale is just an employee of Inprise. He
>must answer and account to its stockholders.

Hopefully will launch a hostile takeover soon and cause
some much needed housecleaning.

>I can easily understand that a 'hired' CEO can do nothing against his own
>company lawyers.

An executive is paid and measured on one thing: making decisions. Any
CEO who lets his lawyers have final say should have his "interim" ticket
"former" and have a CASCADING DELETE roll down executive row in Borland

My sympathies go out....sitting on huge cash reserves, causing an entire
division to quit
and having the most well publicized merger flameout in high tech history I
guess Dale
Fuller has other things on his mind these days.

If you think some of us long term InterBase customers [aka suckers] are
angry just
wait. One more of these Monty Python style delays and I'm going to release a
the likes of which will make the Big Bad Wolf look like Po on Teletubbies.

Oh and nice to see that in addition to driving the Interbase community nuts
Dale has
managed to convince Cobalt that we're all complete goofs.

The Patriot
[ya I know its not historically accurate but you get the idea]