Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Adam Clarke
From: "Jim Starkey" <jas@...>
> uses AMD chips. The RAQ guys are a little bland, but the Cube
> is a neat approximately 10 inch cube in a deep, rich, Cobalt
> blue. None of these namby-pamby lolipop color schema. The Cube,
> like the RAQ, has a power connector (12V, 3.3A), an RJ-45, a
> serial port, and a place to put a lock so it doesn't migrate
> during trade shows.

The Qube2 (current Qube) has 2 RJ45's which are 10/100 which makes it a very
nice muli-purpose device for a small office / workgroup environment since it
can double as a router.

The serial port can be used as a console (with the right combination of
buttons pressed) but is also a high speed serial port suitable for attaching
a modem (ISDN or otherwise) and providing Internet access. It will do DHCP
serving out of the box but on boot also checks for an alternative DHCP
server in order to get it's own IP (that's good for supplying a
net-appliance into a larger environment based on the Qube).

It also has a PCI slot for expansion and there are SCSI dirvers to suit one
of the Adaptec cards. This slot has been used for the addition of internal
modems (ISDN and analogue) in various incarnations of the Qube such as
Gateways Microserver.

We bought a vanilla Qube 2 and installed InterBase to test an Intranet
appliance concept we are working on and have been very happy with its
versatility. I guess you could say thay we're big fans of this product and
couldn't have been happier when we discovered that InterBase had been ported
to the Qube some months ago. The perfect combination of set and forget
hardware and software :)

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