Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Ann Harrison
At 02:41 PM 7/16/00 +1000, Helen Borrie wrote:
>At 11:42 PM 15-07-00 -0400, Claudio wrote:

Jim said:

> > > ..if the Borland/InterBase deal does not close by July 24,
> > > the deal will be dead.

Claudio asked:

> >
> >Jim, more seriously speaking, what's so special with July 24, please?

Helen asked:

>What is the date of the Inprise AGM?

A trip or two ago, I had a drink (or two) with Bill Karwin and
he said something very wise: "Never attribute to conspiracy what
can easily be explained by incompetence." I don't believe there's
anything odd going on. Whatever Jim had in mind, it wasn't the
Inprise Stockholders' Meeting.