Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase connection limit and Support relatedProblems
Author Andre Mostert
>Dalton Calford wrote To:
>A.) Is this a single server, servicing multiple remote locations (wan) or
>it only servicing 256+ connections within a single lan?

Its a single Sun Solaris Enterprise 450 with 2gigs of Ram. Our clients are
essentially fitness centres throughout
South Africa connected via our Wan. Each club has essentally 5 potential
users sharing a 64K link onto our

>B.) Are some of your connections for information only, ie, a website or
>of equipment that only queries the database?

The large number of connections are enquiry based on used very infrequently.

>C.) How many connections does each client application make and what
>to the database are you using (native/ibx/ibo/bde) (you may need to check
>the people who created your midas package to find out)

BDE, this is where the architecture implemented by our developers was wrong.
Each Client could spawn
several connections out of the middle tier.

>D.) Do you have areas in your database where the data can be split into
>different databases?

Not with out a lot of work

>The reason I am asking all this is to find out if load balancing and
>replication may assist you.

We are looking into this at this stage.

the same problems you are now facing, and I have
>spent a year in the redesign of our systems. We are now using less
>equipment and getting three times the performance. (under a much heavier

Any ideas would be welcome.

Regards Andre