Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase connection limit and Support related Problems
Author Dalton Calford
Hi Andre,

Without a full knowledge of your design and it's targeted environment, I am a
little hamstrung as to how I can help, but, if you take some time to answer my
questions, I may be of some assistance.

A.) Is this a single server, servicing multiple remote locations (wan) or is
it only servicing 256+ connections within a single lan?
B.) Are some of your connections for information only, ie, a website or piece
of equipment that only queries the database?
C.) How many connections does each client application make and what interface
to the database are you using (native/ibx/ibo/bde) (you may need to check with
the people who created your midas package to find out)
D.) Do you have areas in your database where the data can be split into
different databases?

The reason I am asking all this is to find out if load balancing and
replication may assist you.
We had encountered alot of the same problems you are now facing, and I have
spent a year in the redesign of our systems. We are now using less expensive
equipment and getting three times the performance. (under a much heavier load).

best regards


Andre Mostert wrote:

> Greetings to all on the list. First off I would like to apologise for the
> fact this list
> is perhaps not the forum for this but we are desperate and neither Anne
> Harrison or
> Paul Beach have responded to our recent email.
> May I start by introducing both myself and the site I represent. My name is
> Andre Mostert, I
> am consulting to a health and fitness organization in South Africa (Health
> and Racquet Club Group).
> They are currently one of the largest chains of gymnasiums in the world.
> Apart from South
> Africa they have branches in Europe and Australia(+- 1 million members). The
> last 3 years have seen them
> undertake a major rewrite of their membership system.
> The initial rewrite was targeted at the South African arm of the business
> but with the eventual
> intention of deploying it internationally as well. To this end and after a
> lengthy investigation it was decided
> to deploy a centralised system, using Delphi, Midas and Interbase. It is
> vital that I stress that as a company we are wholly
> committed to Interbase and Borland's development tools. I have worked with
> all the big databases, some at DBA level
> and I love Interbase.
> The developement of our application was outsourced to a software house. At
> the outset we communicated
> with Interbase regarding the maximum number of connections that Interbase
> would support. They led us
> to believe that +- 800 connections were possible provided they were not all
> busy, ie some idle
> connections.
> We then ordered an unlimited Interbase license as well as Solaris hardware
> (as recommended by our developers)
> which set us back at roughly ZAR 2,000,000.00
> Earlier this year we began rolling our new membership app out after a 6
> month pilot at one site.
> We soon ran into problems which we at first attributed to a license issue.
> Several new licenses later
> we were no better off and so decided to move to NT (the license appeared to
> work). We now know
> that neither Interbase on NT or Solaris can handle more than 256 concurrent
> connections and that the problem has
> nothing to do with licenses. Interbase have acknowledged this to be true.
> After a several emails we were informed that it was a problem and it would
> be fixed. On the 24 May I received email
> from Ann saying they were almost done and she expected a build for us to
> test on the 26th May. We received a build the
> following week and it was nothing short of a disaster. Now instead of
> refusing connections above 256 it simply would
> core dump and throw everyone off. Since then we have been unable to get any
> help from Interbase. They apparently wanted to
> get ver 6 out first. Now even this has been delayed.
> We know that architectualy our app might not be perfect and the developers
> are hard at work reworking the middleware layer
> to reduce the number of connections generated.
> Interbase should be able to support more than 256 connections. The most
> disconcerting fact is that in the last two weeks we
> have emailed Ann Harrison and copied Paul Beach twice just to ascertain what
> progress has been made or when we can expect
> resolution to our problem. We have not enjoyed the curteousy of a reply. We
> realize that you are busy with ver 6 and probably
> with preparations for the conference. We however are sitting with 18 centres
> on our new app, and the balance awaiting
> resolution from Interbase and our software house.
> Ann we are committed to Interbase. We will help in any way we can. Vince and
> I are even happy to come and work at
> your offices if that's what it takes.
> Interbase is a great exciting product ,if you can safely stay below the 256
> limit then use it. If not then you need to
> look elsewhere or wait for resolution to this problem.
> If you are in South Africa and looking for a VAR then look no furter than
> Synectic Software (011-7894316). Vince and Ant
> have been tireless in their attempts to assist us.
> Regards Andre Mostert