Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase connection limit and Support relatedProblems
Author Andre Mostert
Jim thanks that.

This is in fact what we had been told by Ann, and I'm happy with what you
are saying. In fact Charlie Caro feels that NT enjoys a similar problem.

To be complete honest with you we have gone out on a major limb for
interbase (our senior management were'nt
convinced that Interbase was the route to fly but we convinced them
otherwise). Our real concern is that we've hit a problem that obviously no
one knew about. Giving us the 500 odd users that we were initially promised
whilst not
ideal would certainly go along way right now. Remember we spent a lot of
money based on these assurances it would certainly not be unreasonable for
us ask for what we have paid for.

What we really after is for Ann or Paul just to talk to us. There's a
solution out there somewhere, we just need to find it.


Regards Andre