Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase connection limit and SupportrelatedProblems
Author Andre Mostert
>Dalton Calford wrote
>Andre if you could get me the numbers on database size and per location
>data delta's (how much actual dml data gets processed by a location) we
>can get to the next stage.

The database is currently about 800 meg in size. Perhaps I need to give you
some background on the company itself. We have roughly 100 clubs (gyms)
through out South Africa, some remote but chiefly around the major centres.
In essence when club sells a membership contract to
member they might 'own' the member but the data is not exclusively for
their use. Depending on the type of memberships sold a member might and this
is usually the case be able train at various other centres, and those
centres update his info as well. Think of our system as a debtors system
with a difference. It however does not end with the purchase of a
membership. We monitor everything the member does. How often does he train,
what are our peak times, what activitys etc. We regularly upgrade our
facilitys and this info assists us. ie are tred mills more popular, do we
need more bikes etc. Our entire focus is retaining you as a member, to do
this we need management info. We have corporates who sponsor staff members
but they want to know that their facilities are being used. The 18 converted
clubs are in one region (Cape) and along with the Natal constituted probably
about 40% of the bulk of our data. So we expect the database to grow to in
the region on 3 to 4 gig once the entire country is up and running. We have
identified several additional phases that need to be added so we expect the
system to double in size within the next two years.

We have called in Inprise South Africa who have also come up some good
comments. One of the was Delphi 5 and IBX components thus
removing the BDE.

Thanks for the help

Regards ANdre