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(I hope this is the right place to ask - couldn't see any other contact info on IBObjects)

Is IBObjects 5.9 still compatible with Interbase 5.6?  I have downloaded the trial and can't get a connection to the database (dialect set to 1).  The free IB_SQL tool fails also with dialect = 1.

The error is the same in both circumstances: 

ISC ERROR CODE:335544569

Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -901 feature is not supported

I'm tasked with migrating data from a legacy app.  This app is still in daily use and uses Interbase 5.6 as the back-end.  The database schema is not compatible with IB6.x due to lots of field names like "type", and "timestamp" so I can't upgrade the InterBase version.

At the moment I can get access to the data via the InterSolv ODBC driver, but there's a lot of data and IBObjects would be perfect.

I'm using Delphi Berlin 10.2 (& XE6 if necessary).

Thanks in advance,