Subject RE: [IBO] Pre-sales Query
Author Jason Wharton
Hi Stuart,
I haven't tested on that version in a very long time.  That's nearly 20 years old by now.

It seems I may be sending a connection parameter block info item that is tripping it up.  Please contact me privately on Skype or via email to support@... and we will work together and figure it out.  I am confident I can alter things to make it work for you. 

I'm not officially supporting that version anymore, but I'm willing to see if we can get things to work for you.
Jason Wharton

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Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 3:48 AM
Subject: [IBO] Pre-sales Query



(I hope this is the right place to ask - couldn't see any other contact info on IBObjects)

Is IBObjects 5.9 still compatible with Interbase 5.6?  I have downloaded the trial and can't get a connection to the database (dialect set to 1).  The free IB_SQL tool fails also with dialect = 1.

The error is the same in both circumstances: 

ISC ERROR CODE:335544569

Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -901 feature is not supported

I'm tasked with migrating data from a legacy app.  This app is still in daily use and uses Interbase 5.6 as the back-end.  The database schema is not compatible with IB6.x due to lots of field names like "type", and "timestamp" so I can't upgrade the InterBase version.

At the moment I can get access to the data via the InterSolv ODBC driver, but there's a lot of data and IBObjects would be perfect.

I'm using Delphi Berlin 10.2 (& XE6 if necessary).

Thanks in advance,