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I would need to know more about how you intend for IBO to work.

You can either compile your project directly from the sources or you can
compile using the binary files.

Which are you wanting to do?


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Subject: [IBO] Re: IBO 4.9 - Inconsistent Error - Application Can't Find

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> Deplhi XE, IBO, Win 7
> I have two applications developed on the same machine using Delphi XE and
IB Objects. One application has no problems, however, another application
won't compile because of an error (IBODatset.dcu not found). c:\IBO4 is in
the search path.
> Why would one app see it, and another not?

Another piece of the puzzle - This application ran fine in the past, and has
IBODataset (and other IBO references) in the uses clause of my data module.
I only opened it up to see why a user was having trouble when a new record
would not post because the primary key did not appear to "auto increment
(trigger/generator)" on a new record.


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