Subject AW: [IBO] Problem with codepage 28591 and TIB_Memo
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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply. I’m not yet sure about the best solution, still trying to assess what are the consequences of changing the CP to 1252.
Having a way to select another codepage would be nice as we don’t really want to be using patched sources of the IBOs.

If I may ask, was there a particular reason to use this codepage (28591) ? The problem seems to be that before the update our users would
Enter data into memos using CP1252 and after the update they are suddenly using CP28591 so some chars are lost in the conversion.

Some day ™ we will want to update the whole db to use UTF8 text but that is going to be a bigger challenge and we need to fix the immediate problems first.

How would the option look like in a general way? I guess you would need to customize the whole mapping of charsets to codepages.. and I don’t even know what a CharID is. ☺


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Would it help if I made it so that you had a hook to customize this at the TIB_Connection level?


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Subject: [IBO] Problem with codepage 28591 and TIB_Memo

Hello group,

I have run into a problem with saving/loading some special characters like € etc. from BLOB fields.

Some more infos:

- The database / table have been defined with charset ISO8859_1

- That charset has also been defined in the (only) connection of the application

- When entering € 99 into a TIB_Memo connected to a BLOB (subtype 1) database field and posting, it will display as ? 99

- Entering the same € 99 into a TIB_Edit connected to the same database field works fine

I seem to have tracked down the problem to the function GetCodePageFromCharID() in IB_Utils which maps the charset ISO8859_1 to the codepage 28591.

For some reason this function is being called when posting from a TIB_Memo but not when posting from TIB_Edit. Changing the assignment to CP 1252 fixes the immediate problem.

Can someone shed some light on what’s going on there? Also, is there a way to change the codepage without hacking into IB_Utils.pas ?

Did anyone run into a similar situation? Looking forward to any ideas you guys have. ☺



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