Subject Problem with codepage 28591 and TIB_Memo
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Hello group,

I have run into a problem with saving/loading some special characters like € etc. from BLOB fields.

Some more infos:

- The database / table have been defined with charset ISO8859_1

- That charset has also been defined in the (only) connection of the application

- When entering € 99 into a TIB_Memo connected to a BLOB (subtype 1) database field and posting, it will display as ? 99

- Entering the same € 99 into a TIB_Edit connected to the same database field works fine

I seem to have tracked down the problem to the function GetCodePageFromCharID() in IB_Utils which maps the charset ISO8859_1 to the codepage 28591.
For some reason this function is being called when posting from a TIB_Memo but not when posting from TIB_Edit. Changing the assignment to CP 1252 fixes the immediate problem.

Can someone shed some light on what’s going on there? Also, is there a way to change the codepage without hacking into IB_Utils.pas ?

Did anyone run into a similar situation? Looking forward to any ideas you guys have. ☺


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