Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with codepage 28591 and TIB_Memo
Author Stefan Heymann
> I have run into a problem with saving/loading some special
> characters like € etc. from BLOB fields.

> Some more infos:
> - The database / table have been defined with charset ISO8859_1
> - That charset has also been defined in the (only) connection of the application
> - When entering € 99 into a TIB_Memo connected to a BLOB
> (subtype 1) database field and posting, it will display as ? 99
> - Entering the same € 99 into a TIB_Edit connected to the same database field works fine

ISO 8859-1 is unable to store the Euro sign, because the Euro sign is
not listed in this character set. What you can do (and actually do
when you use Windows-1252) is to use code point 128 (decimal) for the
Euro sign, where it is located in Windows-1252 (in ISO 8859-1, code
point 128 is unassigned). However, this will ultimately lead to
trouble when Firebird or IBO treats character set points correctly,
especially when you want to convert your database to UTF8 some day.